Even Now


God’s speech is a case of “Maji
yakimwagika hayazoleki”
(Swahili for when
the water spills it cannot be
drawn). When He says it, it is
done. No question about it. Saying it is an
equivalent of doing it, because
He does things by speaking. Hosea 6:5 speaks of how He killed simply by speaking,
and Genesis 1:3 tells us how He
created through words. He says
it, it is! Psalm 19:9 tells us that the ordinances of the LORD are
sure, and Jeremiah 1:12 says that He watches over His word to fulfill it.

Having laid so much emphasis on the strength of the words that the Almighty speaks, consider Joel 2:1:

For the day of the LORD is
coming. It is close at hand-

So here God is saying that the day of doom and gloom is coming; and so because he has spoken it, it is sure to pass. He goes on to describe this day of the LORD. He describes how terrifying that day will be, and then He says in Joel 2:12:

Even now,” declares the
LORD,”return to me with all
your heart…”

The LORD says let there be light
and there is light; He says you
will have calamity and indeed you are in calamity. He says you will
rejoice,and you are already drowning in the ocean of inexplicable joy. So now, He is speaking to a people that are somewhat doomed because He has said that the day of the LORD is coming. They were people to be faced by a
numbingly frightening calamity- the army of locusts.

And then He says, ”Even now,”
these being words that seem to
be spoken into a situation bereft of hope.

Imagine this situation: You’ve
just come home, to what is your
humble abode; and you’ve come,
fatigued from the hustle and
bustle of the world and emotionally maimed from
the din that you had to endure
out there. You retire to your home to find no food to comfort your grumbling tummy. So,
while on your energy saver mode, with barely enough energy to keep your eyelids from embracing each other out of the heaviness of your tired eyes, you drag yourself to the grocer just outside your house. What greets your eyes snatches you from that
state of depressing fatigue and
brings you back to earth. It makes you alert and makes you search for your watch in your pocket frantically but seemingly involuntarily. The report of your watch only confirms your worst fears, in the defense of the grocer- its 11 in the night. It’s late, and the grocer was justified to have closed shop. But still, you are hungry. Couldn’t he have bent the rules, just for today? A hungry
man(or woman) is an angry man(or woman)-you are
angry at the grocer for having
closed shop at 9, which is his usual closing time. Today he should have got
late. He should have known that your day would be so hard- especially TODAY. He is a
good-for-nothing grocer, and
with that, you turn to head
home, with curse after unmentionable curse being
pressed out through your pouting lips.

Then a deep sonorous and
familiar voice cuts through the
cold of the night.

“Hey, you’re not planning to
sleep hungry now, are you? You
know you can buy something for supper here,”

You remain silent in disbelief,
and in what seems like nature’s
attempt to respond to that unanswered call, the crickets now chirp away, as if they have only now discovered that they can make this irritating noise- as if in an attempt to aggravate the agitation you are now just about to recover from.

You look at the grocer and, not
sure of what he just said, ask,
“Even now?”

“Yes, even now!” comes the
flood of hope.

The words “even now” are used
in a situation that seems
hopeless. Solace offered when least expected. God speaks to a nation under punishment- a people who are suffering after judgment has been proclaimed on them. And to this nation He dares to give a semblance of hope- even now! Yes, you are under punishment and are doomed to being attacked by the army of locusts, but He says ”Even now!”

You have messed up and think
that all is lost. You have ‘backslidden’ in one way or another and feel like it’s impossible for you to be restored because of what God says in His word in Heb 6:4-6:

It is impossible for those who
have once been enlightened,
who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age, if they fall away, to be brought back to repentance, because to their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting Him to public disgrace.

Even now!

You feel lost. You are late. Time
flew by and left you clueless,
shattered your plans and very adeptly made you a mess. The
relationship you wanted is now only a dream and the job you worked so hard for is only a sweet fantasy, or worse still, a bitter memory.

Even now.

It’s all done, it’s all lost, and there is nothing to it. Even Scripture says so. It is finished.

Even now!

There are flames in the place you would wish to, but sadly can’t, call home. Fire-not the mixture of burning gases,but rather a mixture of scorching words and crushing actions. Flames that dance mockingly in your home that you think is a God-forsaken hellhole because there is more harshness than sweetness,coldness than warmth and loneliness than comfort. And you think that this crazyness is beyond repair. The wounds that your tender heart has suffered this far cannot surely be healed. The tears that your pillow has been drenched with cannot be replaced. They can’t go back where they came from. The damage is already done:-(


Even now!

Even now return to God with all
your heart. It will never be too late for you to return to God- for you to be restored. The vocabulary of the LORD is devoid of the word ‘late’ for to Him a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day (2 Peter 3:8) and the concept of time to Him is meaningless.


Even now!



~ by paintbrush89 on November 28, 2012.

4 Responses to “Even Now”

  1. Amen!!!Gracious God!!!!there’s no mess that He cant clear and there is surely nothing that will ever separate us from His Love,be it death or life, angels or
    demons, the present or
    the future, or any powers,
    height or depth, or
    anything else in all creation..Rom 8:38-39

    • Amazing God He is. And He is faithful!
      To whom? To Himself. To what He has said, regardless of what we think or say.
      So He says He loves us, He is faithful and He means it, and it matters not what we’ve done or are going thru!
      Even Now He loves us!

      “if we are faithless,
      he remains faithful,
      for he cannot disown himself.”

      Thanx fr reading, n God bless u so much!:-) I mean it;-)

  2. Even now great plans he has for us. And He is not a man that He may lie.

    • Amen! for He remains faithful to what He says so the implementation of His promises depends not on imperfect us, but on perfect Him~ that’s grace!

      Thanx for stopping by and God bless you:-)

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