Mark 1:1 The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Interesting way to start a book. The author tells us something profound about the gospel. That it is about Jesus Christ. The gospel is simply about Christ and hence is for the purpose of making us know him better. That’s a good way to test the things we call gospel today-the gospel movies, songs and concerts. Anytime there is a gospel thing, the question in your mind should be, “Is it going to make me know Christ more? Is it going to be about Christ as the Son of God?” And mind you, anything that describes Christ’s true character automatically describes him as the Son of God.


Because he was able to love, teach and heal simply because he is God’s Son.

Mark 1:2 It is written in Isaiah the prophet:…

The amazing thing about this verse is verse 1. Verse 1 says “The beginning of the gospel…” then leads to verse 2, a reference to the book of Isaiah. Isaiah? A book about the gospel?


From verse one, gospel is whatever will make us know Christ more as the Son of God. And does Isaiah do that?


Isaiah, in the book of Isaiah and not necessarily in this part alone, speaks about the virgin birth, and ministry of Christ, and in so doing exposes Christ as the Son of God. Essentially, all the Bible speaks of Christ as the Son of God and that’s how the whole of it, and not only the four “gospels”, is the gospel- the information about Christ as the Son of God!


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