Out of the picture

One afternoon,Joe, a young 9-year old boy enjoyed a sumptuos meal that had been prepared for him by his loving mum. After clearing his plate, he held up the shiny steel spoon in immaculate admiration:”I just love the way you scoop from the plate,” he started,” and the way you carry that food to my mouth, and Oh, when you off-load the food into my mouth…” at this, he even shut his eyes and slugishy let the words “Oh so Heavenly” roll off his tongue.

Crazy, right?
But we behave in the same way when we, servants of God, wait for a pat on the back because of expending ourselves in service to God’s people. Christ would parallel Joe’s loving mum, Joe would be God’s beloved people and we, the steel spoons… So if the spoon should not be the recepient of glory, honor and thanks, then neither should we be…

It has been said of the Mona Lisa that it is “the best known, the
most visited, the most written
about, the most sung about, the
most parodied work of art in the
world.” It was done by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. Praises abound for Leonardo, and humanity gazes upon the Mona Lisa with amazement, but little is known of the paintbrush with which the strokes of genius were made.
In the same way, God is in the business of painting His own masterpiece… The masterpiece tells the story between Christ and His people, and is called LOVE…, and the paintbrush is you and me, for we paint the picture of Christ’s Love to the world-and it’s a masterpiece. Now as people praise the painter’s grace and the painting’s comeliness, let us, the paint brushes, be humble and contented with the privilege of being used to make a mark… may we realize that we, the paint brushes, are meant to be out of the picture.


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